Radioplayer Developer Hub

Radio metadata direct from broadcasters

Radioplayer’s unique relationship with thousands of broadcasters around the world, means that we have unprecedented access to their metadata as it is broadcast. All of this information is available in the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI). 

Therefore, we have developed a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the Radioplayer Partner API (WRAPI). 

The Radioplayer Developer Hub serves two purposes - to help non-technical decision-makers evaluate the API and the services we provide, and to create an on-the-ground technical resource for application developers of all levels.

Radioplayer Developer Hub

Highlights include

  • Discover section - shows you how, at a high level, you can use Radioplayer's metadata to build innovative radio experiences.
  • Quick Start Guide - this tutorial will help developers of all abilities build a simple application against our API, to list available stations for a country. It's a simple way of getting to grips with the platform.
  • How To Guides - those who are new to the API often find that getting started can be tricky because of the authentication and caching rules. We've now written a collection of How To Guides which explain the concepts. We'll be adding to these as needed over time.
  • Use Cases - outline some typical ways people use our APIs. We've focussed on hybrid radio in car, and on phonetics for voice control systems. We'd welcome other use cases too - and case studies where appropriate.
  • Libraries - we've taken the heavy lifting out of the API for developers who code in Java and NodeJS with some SDKs for both libraries. Further languages will be supported in the future however we've picked these two as the most common development stacks for building WRAPI middleware
  • API Reference - this is an exhaustive technical resource which details every single API endpoint and explains for developers the requests and responses with examples along the way. This detailed section runs on a Slate docs service making it easy for us to update when needed.
  • Console - is an easy to use web interface which allows for a developer to explore our APIs without having to write a line of code.

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Radioplayer Developer Hub