Radioplayer for TV

An app for Apple TV

Radioplayer is always looking for new ways to let you listen to your favourite radio stations, in the best quality, in the places where you want to listen to them. That is why we have launched a special Radioplayer app for Apple TV, called 'Radioplayer for TV'.

Here you can easily find your favourite stations and shows in great quality, just as you do with Radioplayer on other devices.

You will find the Radioplayer app in the AppStore in Radioplayer countries and there are different versions of the 'Radioplayer for TV' app depending on which country you are in (your Apple ID). This ensures you get the radio stations that you would expect to hear where you live. The language of the app will depend on the settings on your Apple TV device.

First time you start the app you need to accept some terms to make sure we can offer you the most user friendly radio experience but please be assured, we gather no personal information that identifies the user.

Apple TV - all countries

As always with Radioplayer, you can easily search for the stations you listen to the most and add them as your favourites. From then on, you will always be just a couple of clicks away from your favourite stations when using Apple TV.

Radioplayer for TV is currently available in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark and Norway. 

AppleTV Remote

Known issues and hints

  • Some users might find it difficult to navigate and find the right podcast episode. This is something we are working on to improve.
  • When you play a station, you can always stop it by using the play/pause button on the Apple TV remote.