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Radioplayer for Google Assistant

Just say: "Hey Google, talk with Radioplayer"

Smart speakers are very popular and radio is one of the absolute most used features. But sometimes it can be hard to find the right station, or maybe you just wish it was a little bit smarter.

Google is closing down Conversational Actions, unfortunately this includes Radioplayer for Google Assistant. Therefore from the 13 June 2023, the service will no longer be available. We hope to come back with a new service when Google allows it, but in the meantime we can only suggest that you use our mobile apps instead. We are sorry for the inconvinence!

Let's say you want your smart speaker to tell you which song your station is playing, give you a recommendation for a local station or just help you find the right regional version of your favourite station... That is why we have launched Radioplayer for Google Action. Here you can easily find your favourite stations in great quality, just as you do with Radioplayer on other devices.

Depending on which country you are in, you will find a local version of Radioplayer, speaking your language and offering the stations you expect to hear where you live. The language and content in Radioplayer for Google Assistant will depend on the settings in your Google Account (please read more below).

The new Radioplayer for Google Assistant is currently available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland.

The first time you use Radioplayer for Google Assistant you will need to accept some terms to make sure we can offer you the most user friendly radio experience, but please be assured, we gather no personal information to identify you.


Hey Google, talk with Radioplayer

When you have made sure your settings are correct, you can either access Radioplayer by saying "Hey Google, talk with Radioplayer", or you can ask for a station directly if you already know what you want to listen to, just say "Hey Google, ask Radioplayer to play Radio X (the name of the station you want to hear)". Where the station you want to play has regional variations, you will be asked for your post code to provide the right local version.

A smart tip! If you usually listen to the same station, you can just say "Hey Google, talk with Radioplayer", and Radioplayer will resume playing your last played station.

Note, if you want to use Radioplayer for Google Assistant in Ireland, please use the invocation "Irish Radioplayer". For Switzerland, the invocation is "Swizz Radioplayer" and for Denmark, it is "mere Radio" (in two words).

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Main features and commands

Here are the most popular commands you can use with Radioplayer for Google Assistant: 

  • What is playing? (Radioplayer will let you know the station's name, song, artist or programme you’re listening to, depending on what the current station tells us)
  • Play a recommended station
  • Play a local station
  • Play a trending station
  • Play a random station
  • Play my most played station
  • Play my last played station
  • Help

You can also use all these Play commands directly, without saying "talk with Radioplayer" first. E.g. if you want Radioplayer to suggest a station for you, just say "Hey Google, ask Radioplayer to play a recommended station". 


Region and Language settings on your phone

The first time, it may be easier to try Radioplayer using the Google Assistant app on your phone. This is normally okay, but make sure the Region and Language settings on your phone are correct for the country you are in. E.g. if you are in France and wants to listen to French stations you will need to have Region set to France and Language set to French.


Google Account settings

Your phone language settings must also be chosen in the language settings within the Google Assistant app. 

Radioplayer always tries to provide the best user experience. To do that we need your location to recommend local stations and provide you with the correct version of any stations with regional variations. Furthermore we need to be able to recognise you as the user when you return to Radioplayer for Google Assistant to resume playing your last played stations. Radioplayer does not store any personal data, the service only remembers which stations that have been played on your devices. If we cannot recognise your Google Account, you will be treated like a first time user every time you access Radioplayer. Therefore, to get the best user experience from Radioplayer on Google Assistant you need to allow the following in the Google Account settings: 

You can always change the permissions, see and delete your data and find the privacy policy for Radioplayer for Google Action here:



- Why is Radioplayer for Google Assistant asking for my post / zip code?

To give you local recommendations Radioplayer will ask for permission to access your post code. The post code that will be used is the one in your settings marked as “home” in your Google Assistant app. To enable Location Permission on your phone

  1. Start Radioplayer, by saying or writing "talk with Radioplayer" 
  2. Ask the Action to "play a local station"
  3. Radioplayer will then ask for your post code permission. Answer with “Yes”
  4. Then you might be asked to turn on Location Access. Please click on the “Location Settings” button to allow access to your location

- I hear the same welcome message and hints every time I use Radioplayer for Google Assistant

This happens when we can’t recognise you as the user. To us you look like a first time user every time you use Radioplayer. We'll give you the intro and hints as if you’ve never used Radioplayer before. Your playback history won't be available and we can't access it. At every invocation you will get a message like this: 

“​​Please keep in mind: Due to your privacy settings, I can't save any progress for you in the Radioplayer Action. The next time you come back, your last changes will be lost and you will start over. Please change your privacy settings in your Google Assistant app to let me save your preferences. You'll find detailed instructions on our website” 

This is Google's explanations and instructions on how to change these settings:

  • Turn on personal results
  • Enabled Web & App Activity. Keep in mind that some users may have this setting disabled at the domain level
  • If you have Voice Match enabled, this must be turned on for all devices you use with Radioplayer

- I can't get Radioplayer for Google Assistant to work on Sonos (or Bose)?

This is unfortunately out of Radioplayer's control. According to Google, is AoG (Actions on Google) offering live streaming not supported on third party products like Sonos, Bose and others.

- How can I delete my data from Radioplayer for Google Assistant?

  1. Start Radioplayer, by saying or writing "talk with Radioplayer" 
  2. Ask the Action to "delete my data"
  3. Radioplayer will then ask you to confirm. Answer with “Yes”. Remember that this can not be undone.

You can also visit Radioplayer on to change or delete your data.