Our Mission

In 2011, the BBC proposed a pan-industry partnership aimed at growing online radio listening. Launched as a shared web player with 157 stations, UK Radioplayer quickly grew to 500 stations, launched app and smart-speaker integrations, and began working with car companies to keep radio strong in the dashboard. At the same time, broadcasters around the world started adopting the Radioplayer philosophy and technology, and our non-profit model has now spread to more than 13 countries, serving thousands of stations.

We focus on three main strategic areas:

  • Radio in cars

    Radio in cars

    We work with car companies and radio manufacturers to maintain radio's central role in the dashboard. We do this through...
    - Providing reliable, official metadata feeds for connected cars
    - Developing hybrid ‘smart radio’ designs with car companies
    - App and voice integrations like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

  • Smart home devices

    Smart home devices

    There are huge opportunities for radio in connected home devices. We help stations capitalise on them by...
    - Developing new integrations for smart speakers
    - Talking to technology platforms with one voice
    - Designing simple interfaces for smart TVs

  • Radioplayer apps

    Radioplayer apps

    We constantly develop our own apps and players, to encourage listening, and help stations generate revenue...
    - With apps which drive discovery
    - Through world-leading web players
    - By integrating commercial tools