The Future of Audio: Our Reflections from the NAB Show

Here you go! Our Key Takeaways from Las Vegas.


Last week, the energy crackled like a live microphone at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, and Radioplayer was right in the heart of the action (in West Hall to be exact!). With nearly 65,000 attendees buzzing about the future of media, it was a hotbed of innovation and a fantastic opportunity to connect with American broadcasters and partners. We met with numerous US radio stations to work on reinforcing their presence in the car dashboard and emphasizing our commitment to enhancing the in-car listening experience. 

While AI was a dominant discussion topic, with a flurry of AI-powered solutions on display, another key trend worth noting: the rise of cloud-based radio automation software. These solutions offer broadcasters a more streamlined and flexible workflow, and it's clear the cloud is the future for radio operations. 

In addition, here are some other key takeaways from the NAB Show: 

- The demand for personalized radio experiences is growing. Listeners want to hear content that is relevant to their interests and preferences. (Hello to our new Radioplayer Data Platform)   

- Voice-activated radio is becoming increasingly popular. This is a trend that is likely to continue as smart speakers and voice assistants become more ubiquitous. (Just like our announced Google Assistant Integration)  

- Radio broadcasters must identify additional ways to monetize their content beyond traditional advertising. This includes exploring new revenue streams such as subscriptions, merchandise, and events. 

While today’s cars are increasingly connected, listening to broadcast radio continues to dominate the in-car entertainment experience in the US. That said, providing actionable analytics for broadcasters and advertisers remains challenged. (Radioplayer is aggressively working to address this delta)


Now, here at Radioplayer, we're keeping these trends in mind as we collaborate with our valued partners. We understand that broadcasters today want transparency, control, and a seamless in-car listening experience. That's why we are trusted to ensure radio remains prominent in the digital world: 

1. Radio, By Radio, For Radio: 100% radio, owned by radio stations. We don’t exploit your data or your content. We work to empower radio. 

2. Open and Inclusive: We believe broadcasters deserve the freedom to work with multiple solutions, and provide an flexible integration with broadcast content, official metadata and the standard we all champion; RadioDNS. 

3. A Holistic View of Listener Insights: While the car audience is critical, it's one piece of the puzzle. Our 360° data platform goes beyond AM/FM/HD radio in cars to capture data from the entire radio ecosystem – smart speakers, mobile apps, you name it. We're not interested in a limited view; we all want the full picture. 


The future of audio is bright, and Radioplayer is at the forefront. By working together and embracing these key trends, we will ensure radio continues to thrive as the most accessible, engaging, and beloved audio experience for everyone, across generations. After all, the human connection that radio fosters is irreplaceable, regardless of the device being used to tune in. 


Ken Lloyd, our US Partnerships Lead, is readily available to continue discussions.
Reach out at Kenneth @


As a proud NAB member, Radioplayer eagerly anticipates its participation in the NAB Show in October in New York, further solidifying our dedication to the American broadcasting industry. See you there?


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