Radioplayer to Launch Data Platform and Insight Dashboard: A Revolution in Listener Insight

Radioplayer's transformation into a data-driven company represents a significant leap forward in radio innovation, empowering broadcasters to truly understand audiences like never before.


Forget everything you thought you knew about listener insight. Radioplayer, the official industry innovator operating at the intersection of technology and radio, will launch a Data Platform that redefines understanding radio's audience. The first application based on the Data Platform is an extensive Insight Dashboard. This is not static data, but a dynamic window into the world of listeners in real time.

“We are thrilled to launch this groundbreaking Data Platform and Insight Dashboard,” says Yann Legarson, CEO at Radioplayer, emphasizing that this marks a significant shift towards a more innovative, ambitious, and data-driven company. “Radioplayer's transformation into a data-driven company represents a significant leap forward in radio innovation, empowering broadcasters to truly understand audiences like never before.”

Radioplayer's data platform continuously collects and analyzes data from various sources:

  • Listening data 
  • Listener preferences
  • Station listening behavior
  • Content engagement metrics
  • Ad performance

"Radioplayer’s data platform is more than just data. It is a lifeline that connects radio stations to their listeners in a whole new way and empowers broadcasters in whole new ways," states Eugenio Le Teana, Country manager for Radioplayer in Italy and responsible for the development of the Radioplayer Data Platform. "Broadcasters are given new possibilities to strengthen their position in a vibrant market, offer more engaging and relevant content, and create a more personal listening experience."

The New Heart of Radio
Radioplayer is leading the way to a future where radio stations are directly connected to the hearts and minds of their listeners. The Data Platform together with Radioplayers extensive API and Insight Dashboard is the key to success in this new era, providing broadcasters with possibilities like:

  • Getting a real-time pulse on their audience: See listening, what they like, and when they tune in, right now.
  • Adapting to the mood of their listeners: Optimize programming and ads based on real-time insights into listener preferences.
  • Creating a love story with their listeners: Deliver personalized experiences that resonate with listeners and create strong loyalty.
  • Keeping their finger on the pulse: Gain valuable insights into streaming health and listener feedback to ensure an optimal listening experience.


The Data platform is developed in partnership with Kebula, a frontrunner in developing data platforms with a true scientific background. “We are proud to partner with Radioplayer on this groundbreaking initiative,” says Dr. Luigi Troiano, CEO at Kebula. “Kebula's expertise in building data and AI centric solutions, combined with Radioplayer's deep understanding of the radio industry, has resulted in a modern data platform that will empower broadcasters to succeed in the ever-changing media landscape. This is a preliminary step on an ambitious roadmap to make Radioplayer data centric and AI-ready.”

Radioplayer's significant innovation and investment in extensive development work have been made possible by its status as a major official player, backed by the collective radio industry spanning over 22 countries.

Team Data: Luigi Troiano (Kebula), Yann Legarson (Radioplayer), Eugenio Le Teana(Radioplayer Italy) and Caroline Grazé (Radioplayer Germany)


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