Radioplayer and AUDI/VW Group Sign New Radio Partnership Agreement

Radioplayer has signed a new partnership agreement with AUDI AG as the lead developer of infotainment systems within the Volkswagen Group, to continue collaborating on the creation of world class radio experiences in their connected car dashboards.

The agreement is a renewal of the existing partnership Radioplayer has had with AUDI since 2017 to support their innovative hybrid radio systems, which provide their customers with the best quality radio experience by seamlessly switching between FM, DAB and internet streaming. The new agreement will ensure Radioplayer continues to support VW Group cars already in the market with hybrid radio (including AUDIs, VWs, Porsches and Lamborghinis), as well as collaborating on future integrations and radio features.

The international non-profit radio platform, backed by major public service and commercial radio broadcasters, will supply official broadcaster metadata to AUDI as well as technical support and input to the future radio user experience. The Radioplayer partnership model allows AUDI and the wider VW Group to benefit from a high-value, low-risk relationship direct with radio broadcasters.

The world’s first hybrid radio from AUDI recognised the importance of radio to drivers and the need to develop the user experience to keep radio prominent and easy to use. Radioplayer is increasingly focusing its work on developing world class radio experiences in cars as technology drives huge change in the automotive industry. This work will prioritise hybrid radio and also include a roadmap to provide visuals to enhance the radio experience on larger dashboard screens, on-demand content like podcasts, and development of a personalised radio experience for drivers and passengers.

Radioplayer MD Michael Hill said: “We’re proud to be renewing our metadata and development partnership with AUDI/VW Group. Our collaboration has dramatically increased the coverage of stations now accessed by hybrid radio in Europe, and this new agreement will extend that coverage further. AUDI have already produced some of the world’s finest in-car radio interfaces for the VW Group, and we’re looking forward to working with them to keep radio strong, and central to the dashboard”.

Philipp Rabel, Head of Development, Multimedia at AUDI said: “We highly appreciate the extension of our longstanding relationship with Radioplayer that will support us providing the best Hybrid Radio experience to our customers. This renewal does not only cover the existing scope of collaboration, but will also set up a baseline for the development of exciting features which we want to provide in our amazing cars in the near future”



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