Radioplayer grows as Spain launches and Italy joins

Radioplayer announced in October that Radioplayer España had launched and Radioplayer Italia had joined the Radioplayer family. In these countries, as in all others that join Radioplayer, national and local radio broadcasters work together to create a non-profit company and appoint a Country Manager to work within Radioplayer Worldwide and support our work in Automotive. As well as launching Radioplayer Apps and Web Players they will send official metadata like live streams, podcasts and catch-up programmes, logos, and ‘now playing’ information into Radioplayer systems and Spanish stations have already joined the Radioplayer Worldwide metadata feed which powers the hybrid radio interfaces in many Audi, VW and Porsche cars.

Spain and Italy followed Denmark in joining Radioplayer in 2019 and we now have 4,000 stations across 12 markets with further growth expected in 2020 as radio broadcasters see the value in speaking and taking action with Automotive partners through one organisation.

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