Radioplayer is the official national aggregator for broadcasters across Europe and in Canada.

Owned and operated by broadcasters, Radioplayer therefore offers the best quality streams and you can be sure that all content is legal and regulated, respecting all content rights.

  • Radio in cars

    Radio in cars

    We work with car companies and radio manufacturers to maintain radio's central role in the dashboard. We do this through...
    - Providing reliable, official metadata feeds for connected cars
    - Developing hybrid ‘smart radio’ designs with car companies
    - App and voice integrations like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

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  •  Smart speakers

    Voice controlled radio

    There are huge opportunities for radio in voice controlled devices. We help stations explore them and aim to make radio listening easier by...
    - Talking to technology platforms with one voice on behalf of the radio industry
    - Developing new integrations for smart speakers on platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa. Making sure listeners find their favourite stations

Google Home in kitchen
  • Smart TV apps

    Smart TV apps

    The home is one of the most popular places to listen to radio. The TV set is for many a preferred way to listen to radio in the living room.
    - We offer a range of Smart TV apps to make all stations easily available for the listeners.
    - Today Radioplayer is available for Android TV, Samsung, LG and Apple TV.

AppleTV Remote

Read more about our new app "Radioplayer for TV" made for Apple TV or Samsung/LG

  • Radioplayer apps

    Mobile apps and web players

    We constantly develop our own apps and players, to encourage listening, and help stations generate revenue...
    - With apps which drive discovery
    - Through world-leading web players
    - By integrating commercial tools

Android phone, Apple phone and Apple tablet displaying Radioplayer app