Growth Is Good

We are very proud to reveal that the Radioplayer family is expanding – again. Broadcasters in France, the Netherlands and Sweden are announcing today that they’ve decided to add their weight to the growing Radioplayer alliance.

The strength of our unique collaborative radio platform comes from these broadcaster-partnerships in each of our countries. Public service and private radio groups working together, pooling their resources, focusing their strategic strengths, using Radioplayer to channel all that power.

Partnerships are never easy to establish. In some cases these conversations take years to come to fruition. In the ten years since we launched, we’ve learned that every radio market is different. We take the time to understand the unique characteristics of each one, and our broadcaster agreements are all the stronger for that.

Radioplayer has always been quick to adapt, driven by the needs of our broadcaster base and our millions of listeners around the world. This latest expansion shows that the collaborative Radioplayer model is more effective than ever, particularly when individual R&D budgets are under pressure.

Alongside our world-leading apps, players and smart-speaker integrations, our primary focus is on keeping radio strong in the connected car dashboards of the future. On behalf of our broadcaster partners, we have established a leading role in the development of hybrid ‘smart’ radios for cars, able to switch automatically between platforms like DAB+, FM, and Internet.

Meaningful progress with car companies can’t happen at an individual broadcaster level, nor even at a country level. It requires continental levels of effort and alignment, and that’s what Radioplayer has achieved in Europe. You can read more about today’s news here:

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